Mr. Rakesh Jakate

(Insurance Advisor)

Mr. Rakesh Jakate
(B.M.C.J., M.J.)

Welcome To Life Insurance Corporation Of India

People's Money For People's Welfare

The Life Insurance Corporation of India has been a nation builder since its formation in 1956. True to the objective of nationalization, the corporation has mobilized the funds invested by the people in the life insurance for the benifit of the community at large.

The corporation has deployed the funds to the best advantage of the policy holders as well as the community as a whole true to the spirit of nationalization. National priorities abd obligation of reasonable returns to the policy holders are the main criteria of our investments.

The total funds, so invested for the benifit of the coommunity at large are 19,46,249 crore as on 31st March 2015, the investment of the corporation's funds is gorverned by section 27(A) of the insurance act, 1938 subsequent guidelines/ instructions issued from time to time from goverment of India.